Life would be dull if we all looked the same. And if we all stayed the same. Which is why we’re switching things up with our new collections. It’s nothing drastic. We’re still all about thoughtfully designed, well-made clothes. We’re still obsessed with unique details, beautiful prints, and unexpected colour combos. We still stand up for independent spirits and self-expression, and do good stuff wherever we can. We’re just trying some new stuff. New designs. New twists on old favourites. New materials that have a little less impact on the planet. And we’ve got a new logo (nice, isn’t it?).

We love originality. We celebrate creativity. We believe in being yourself, always. Even if — especially if — that makes you come across a little differently from everyone else. We think life’s too short not to waste some time every now and then. To go off piste and explore the scenery along the way. To get lost in the details. The little things that make life interesting.